On September 21 - 22, conference participants will be able to take part in the two-day after-conference excursion to Zhuravka, the birthplace of George Voronoi and place of his burial, and to historical cities of Chernihiv, Nizhyn, and Pryluky, staying the night in the hotel in Pryluky.

The trip we propose is unique because you will visit  not only the village Zhuravka, but  to see several  interesting  places of Kyiv environs with long and  interesting history. All of the cities:   Chernihiv, Nizhyn, and Pryluky were mentioned in chronicles for around thousand years.

Our trip schedule is as follows: the first day: Kyiv – Zhuravka – Pryluky,  and the overnight stay in Pryluky hotel;  the second day: Pryluky – Nizhyn – Chernihiv – Kyiv. We plan to go  by  bus or by  two small buses.  The trip will start from the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University at 9.00. We expect to return to Kyiv the next day at 21.00.

Our guests from previous conferences were pleased not only by the historical places, but also in the picturesque nature and hospitality of the people who helped us with the sightseeing explanations, organizing the meals and the hotel.
If somebody would prefer to go to Zhuravka for one day only, we will help them to return to Kyiv the same day.

In Zhuravka we will go to the G.Voronoi’s grave, there a remembrance service will be held, then we will visit the memorial room at the local school, and the George Voronoi  Foundation will  invite the guests to the friendly lunch where local dishes will be served.

Pryluky was first mentioned in 1085 by Prince Volodymyr Monomakh. In Pryluky, we plan to have a short sightseeing of the historical places of this ancient city including the building of the high school that G.Voronoi graduated from, and to visit the Local History Museum. The conference guests will be welcomed by local authorities.

 In Nizhyn, we plan to visit the Mykola Gogol State University, located in the building of the famous Bezborodko Lyceum, the higher educational school opened by the prince Bezborodko at the beginning of XIX century and is known by its well-recognized graduates, among them a famous writer Mykola Gogol, poets Viktor Zabila and Evhen Grybinka, a painter Apollon Mokrytskyi etc. For some time this Lyceum was called the Physical and Mathematial Lyceum. The building has a large picture gallery from the times of Lyceum, and the University inherited the Library founded by Prince Bezborodko in 1820   with the unique collection of  old and rare books.  Nizhyn is also known as a place where a thriving Greek community lived in the Middle Ages.  Some historical buildings were preserved from those days.

G.Voronoi’s father, Feodosii, was a professor of Nizhyn Lyceum in 1868-72, so he lived there with his family that time. Feodosii Voronoi was a person of progressive convictions, he had a talent and a calling to enlighten the youth. Feodosii Voronoi left us the paper in which he expressed his attitude to teaching and education. In particular, he affirmed that "any success in political and social life is impossible until the people have been enlightened by moral sciences". He emphasized the need to spread historical knowledge among the people. He believed that it "enlightens one's mind, provides one with better understanding of his social status in life and frequently points out the best way to use one's abilities and achieve prosperity for oneself and well-being for others."

Chernihiv was first mentioned in the Rus'-Byzantine Treaty (907). It was in the southern part of the Kyivan Rus', and the city was the second by importance and wealth.  From the early XI century it was the seat of powerful Grand Principality of Chernihiv, whose rulers at times fought for power with Kyivan Grand Princes, and often overthrew them and took the primary seat in Kyiv for themselves.

 Chernihiv has many historical places preserved to our days, some of them are from the XI century; the most interesting of them are two ancient cave monasteries.

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