1–9 August 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The International Congress of Mathematicians is one of the world’s premier forums for presenting and discussing new mathematical discoveries. In 2018, it will be 121 years that have passed since the first conference and Rio de Janeiro's turn to welcome participants from around the world, in the 28th edition of the ICM. Our goal is to do justice to this history and at the same time to further the success of this series of events – expanding knowledge, exchanging experiences, and fostering an awareness of mathematics in a broad and innovative way. The joy, receptiveness and professionalism of Brazilians will make the Rio de Janeiro ICM a memorable experience far beyond the realm of mathematics.

Deadline for travel grant application: 20 July 2017
Opening of registration: 4 September 2017
Deadline for satellite conferences proposal: 1 December 2017
Deadline for abstract submission: 5 January 2018
Deadline for registration at reduced rate: 27 April 2018
Deadline for registration at less reduced rate: 13 July 2018



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